¿Who we are?

We are Tour Arena International, tourism and transportation agency established in the Dominican Republic. We specialize in tourist services and transportation for groups and companies throughout the national territory. We are also a tourism and business transport company that offers services throughout the national territory. We work with dedication and passion to combine quality services  and the best prices. Today we are a leading tourism agency in the country for our responsibility and delivery in what we know how to do well. We have multilingual staff, highly qualified, charismatic, dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated. 99% of our customers are satisfied, not only because of our prices, but also because of  our excellent services, responsibility and the unique and "UNFORGETTABLE" fun that characterize our lived experiences.

We have a commitment to quality and excellence in service. That is why we work every day to improve and train our staff and always acquire the best tools available in the market so that our service is optimal. In addition, we have a great team that works with love and passion to provide a 1A customer service and make each traveler live the best experiences of their lives.

Never put your fun and your safety in the hands of anyone. Tourism is very delicated. Not everyone can carry it out and not everyone can handle with delicacy and guarantees business groups, students, friends and / or families who decide to have a good time, meet new destinations and live unforgettable experiences in this wonderful world that has everything to guarantee full and complete happiness.

More than 10 years of experience combined with the best customer service so that you can live your best moments with us. More than 220 thousand happy travelers, who have traveled the world with us, confirm it. Dare to do different things, dare to be you.

Our team:

In Tour Arena we bet on a trained, dynamic human team and in constant training. This dedicates all its effort to achieve the total satisfaction of our customers, providing a complete, specialized, personalized and oriented to achieve optimal and effective results.

In our company, starting from the management, directors, supervisors, drivers, captains, guides and service, we all have a culture of respect, first among ourselves and then to our customers, guests and domestic and foreign tourists. It is an important part of our culture to serve others and give everything for everything to achieve the full satisfaction of the users of our services. "Everything for the customer" is one of our mottos, which has been dragging our president Mr. Junior Concepcion for more than 10 years at the beginning of the company. Periodically and constantly we provide all our work team training, training and updates regarding the need to be professional and friendly. To teamwork The growth and personal development. What helps us to be better human beings and better serve others. Our transportation: In Tour Arena, quality is not negotiated. At Tour Arena we take your safety, your peace of mind and your comfort very seriously. That is why we have the newest and most comfortable buses and water vehicles in the country, which are always in optimal conditions for a better daily performance. We have buses available from 10 to 66 passengers, all new, comfortable and with their daily maintenance. Our drivers and captains are professional, educated, prudent, kind, charismatic, helpful, with more than 8 years of experience all and in constant training, which allows them to grow as people and as drivers. We guarantee punctual departures. Our buses will always be at the meeting places and average departure or one hour before. This allows our clients to plan the rise and location of passengers on the bus and thus guarantee punctual and organized departures all the time. We have all the certifications and the highest standards of quality and safety to provide tourism services in the country.  That is why for more than 10 years we have not had any major accidents or mishaps that have affected any of the hundreds of thousands of people who have traveled and enjoyed with us on our trips and activities. 

Your happiness is our passion!



Build a team capable of providing the best service with the best prices. Have the best work tools and satisfy our users 100%. We work to achieve perfection in what we do, in case of not achieving it, we want to be very close.


Become the tourist and transport agency with the best customer service, the best structure and the most recognized nationally and internationally. Thus contributing to the strengthening of the sector and the total satisfaction of the tourist.