Cayo Arena, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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Cayo Arena, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

"Cayo Arena", whose real name is "Isla Paraíso" is a coral island located northwest of the Dominican Republic off the coast of Puerto Plata and Monte Cristi in Punta Rucia. Of incredible beauty, this small island is immersed in a landscape so beautiful that people feel in a dream. This small island lost in the sea is an excellent place to sunbathe, surrounded by white sands and its waters so crystalline between turquoise and green colors that you can visualize the bottom with incredible sharpness what allows to make a wonderful snorkelin to interact and feed thousands of colorful fish that will leave you breathless, besides opserve and photograph the beautiful corals of the area.

As its name indicates it is a magical paradise in the middle of the sea that you can not miss. It is considered worldwide as a paradise in the Caribbean and one of the most admired, desired and visited destinations in the country. Cayo Arena is a charming island located in the middle of the sea. It has a spectacular beach that you will not be able to resist and perfect areas for snorkeling, watching thousands of colorful fish and corals that will leave you wanting to return again and again.

We will also make a boat trip through the spectacular Montecristi National Park where we will visit the second largest mangrove reserve in the country. This experience you have to live it and repeat it.

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